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"Instead of better glasses, your network gives you better eyes." At IRIS Reps we not only preach this quote but we have over the years practiced it to form our expertise in networking with global brands. We have a vast network of global tourism and hotel brands all over the globe. We started IRIS Reps to enable our clients to envision their brands in the global market and to represent its clients in diverse, complex and multifaceted markets. We provide expertise to our clients on the rainbow services like marketing, communication, brand management, PR, planning & execution of customized corporate and public events, travel and tourism representations. In the era of digital age and superseding technological growth, our mission is to guide our clients through the global competition with constant innovation.

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Connecting You with Global Brands and Destination

Iris Reps was started with a vision to connect brands and destinations with Individual and Businesses who want to explore the global trade and market segments. IRIS Reps is a well established travel marketing and event management company in India, offering expert solutions for individuals as well as corporations. Incredible travel opportunities deserve inspired representation hence we are known for the customized travel itinerary to the B2B and B2C clientele across market segments. At IRIS REP, we strive to expand our clients’ reach by providing them with exceptional marketing for extraordinary and unforgettable experiences. With our great repertoire and rich experience, we offer individualized marketing services to each travel client we represent. We have launched brands across the globe with Travel Marketing, Content, Digital Solutions, Media Strategy, Public Relations, Sales and Influencer Marketing. As the phrase goes, the same cookie cutter plans don't work for everyone. Our tailor made concepts are constructed with each client's specific requirements in mind: their choice of destination, length of the tour, budget availability and personal preferences. Through long-standing relationships around the world, we offer individualized marketing services to each travel product we represent. We’ll launch the brand across India with Travel Marketing, Content, Digital Solutions, Media Strategy, Public Relations, Sales and Influencer Marketing.


IRIS Rep works collaboratively and seamlessly with business partners to deliver results. Our key assets are: - Experience, Creativity, Customized Services For Valued Clients, Responsive Communication and Diversified Team. Our team brings together various skills to the table like forming robust relationships across major travel/tourism, hospitality and media brands. We expertise in insight-driven strategies to form formidable communication with our consumers. We are The One-stop Solution Provider for Creative Event, DMC Event, Organising Conference and Corporate Event.

  • IRIS REP is a well known marketing driven brand in India
  • We are class apart as we have an ability to understand our clients’ objectives, analyse market conditions and provide them a strategic solution which not just fulfills but exceeds their requirements.
  • We understand your product’s intrinsic challenges and opportunities; offering benchmarks as well as non-traditional sales and marketing activities – to put it in front of the right people.
  • We have strong relations with media including travel publications including consumer, trade and many leading publications.
  • We inspire and educate through travel trade events, exhibitions, webinars, trade show representation, in-market sales calls and events.
  • We are travel experts that create integrated campaigns that combine the best of our PR expertise with web, branding, and digital marketing solutions that showcase the best of your brand.
  • We put ourselves in the audience's shoes which the client wants to reach to ensure.
  • We’re producing content that’s interesting, meaningful, helpful, informative and entertaining, delivering the content on platforms that will have the greatest impact.
  • Discover our approach to influencer marketing and the key processes we follow to ensure you get maximum results from influencer marketing activities.